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Deliver high-converting learning experiences through email.

Student Spotlight Nate Kadlac, Approachable Design

Last month, Nate launched “The 80/20 Design Challenge”. It’s a fantastic 20-day challenge that provides a surprisingly deep exploration into the fundamentals of design and dual purposes as a crash course in Figma! Nate accelerated his creation process by using Loom videos to deliver the bulk of his material (although the entire course is still delivered via email and his copy is genuinely funny). Check it out here. Okay, onto uh… my stuff now.

The Thing: Customers want to try before they buy.

An email-based course is an effective way to de-risk the buying process and get customers into your funnel.

Over the course of 20 lessons, you’ll get everything you need to launch your own EBC.

That means a comprehensive playbook breaking down strategy and tactics that can be put to immediate use, as well as an EBC Builder Tool replete with video walkthroughs, email templates, and resources to guide your course creation. Here’s what you can expect:


What students are saying

"Actionable takeaways within five minutes of digging into it. Huge value." — Dickie Bush, Ship30for30

"This is a really good email course!" — Khe Hy, RadReads

"I just wanted to say that the course is its own best advertisement. It’s like Apple packaging - you’re already looking forward to what’s inside because it’s so smooth and sturdy and everything just fits really well.” — Jill M.

"I launched my email course a couple of weeks after taking Will’s course. 600+ subscribers now.” — Richard C.


Email Courses Convert

Three years ago I set out to test a kooky idea: could I deliver a transformational learning experience, covering more than 30 topics over the course of a month, entirely through email? After a combined 2000 paid students, a 79% open rate, and hundreds of glowing reviews here’s what I’ve seen:

  1. They'll explode your email list overnight
  2. They're an easy entry point for the student-teacher relationship
  3. They convert 2-4x better than traditional top-of-funnel assets

How to deliver an exceptional learning experience

Go beyond a simple email sequence.

Elevate your content by incorporating principles of learning experience design, student autonomy, and elements of surprise and delight. When done right, an EBC simulates an engaging conversation between customer and creator.

An EBC is not a newsletter — don't treat it like one.


Email-based courses are the HIIT workouts of online education.

The learner gets the benefit of short-form, high-impact content (~750 words per email), over a period of time such that a long-form transformation can be delivered (10-20 emails). And best of all, there's a sensation of a developing relationship.

This course is a great fit for creators...

➕ With existing courses that want to convert more students

➕ Looking to test a new course concept

➕ Wanting to add an evergreen email course to an existing business

➕ Early in the journey, working to build their email list

➕ With a perspective on something!


Who are you learning from?

Hi, I'm Will Steiner. Here's my shtick in a few dots.

  • Founder of Big Later (acquired), the internet’s most entertaining crash course on personal finance, investing, equity compensation, and crypto
  • Spent 6 years at Salesforce in strategy, growth, enablement, and partnership roles
  • Now the Head of Content at a fast-growing fintech called Altruist
  • Not-work time goes towards raising a family, practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and doing all the outdoor sh*t you can do in Bend, OR while drinking beer


SOLO For $99.99 you get...

  • 20 emails that can be consumed at your own pace
  • Templates that are ready for plug 'n play course building
  • The EBC Builder tool for managing your course creation
  • Video walkthroughs to smooth out your tech stack build

COMMUNITY For $299.99 you get...

  • Everything in SOLO as well as...
  • Access to the EBC creator community (a great place to get feedback on your EBC)

PREMIUM For $599.99 you get...

  • Everything in COMMUNITY as well as...
  • Two (2) hour-long 1:1s to review any aspect of your course in detail (copy, tech, design, launch strategy, etc.)

Or, for $0.00 you can sample...

  • The first chapter (it's like an EBC inside an EBC! Takes about 10 minutes to cruise through)

Oh, and one last thing...

For the love of all things truly attention-worthy, a minute or two after purchase, go and check your promotions tab for the first email.

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